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Eek! Update!

I wrote a small little update on the guild main page about another little update that was done, but however, for some reason you missed it, I'll let you know here.

The guild website, The Watchtower, the main page is a whole lot neater looking with a new inner layout. So.. hehe... Don't make Wolverkacheek mad or else he'll claw you! ^_^

OH! And we also managed to get out new guild banner up. I'll have more coming out soon, but right now.... this'll be our new catch. Hehe... And since Yodana wanted something to do with the lil' GREEN guy, i figured, why not? ^_^

Last night the wrong address was given so the link doesn't work. But it's fixed and does now! ^_^

I also need to update some of the older banners to get them looking................... awesomely neat again. Heh.
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