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Hello Everyone....

Earlier in the day I had gotten a call from argonian_queen telling me about a certain Livejournal post in our lovely little Guild Community here, so I decided I'd be a good mod and go and check it out.

The last post that was here, if you've seen it, was deleted. So if you saw it, you got a good idea of what spamming and a got a good idea at how you loose your neopets account.

I had to take it into consideration if I wanted to report this LJ user, but I figured she would learn her lesson on her delted Neopets account.

I care about you guys AND your neopets and I don't want them deleting your little precious pets. I love my pets, I'll admit that, I'm attached to them and I'd be so heart broken if I lost my account. SO please, abide by the Neopets' Rules and keep you and your pets happy.

And for the future, any posts having to deal with selling of accounts, or anything going against the Neopets Terms and Conditions, OR found unsuitable by ME.. will be deleted....

Thanks everyone.
Have a nice day <(^_^)<

Guild Leader/Mod
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