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Teen Titans-- September 13th, 2003

I felt this was... a huge deal and have decided it's postable worthy news here. So I'm gunna go ahead and POST it! ^^

If you guys have noticed on the front guild main page I put up a little NOTE that Aqualad's going to be making an apparence on Sept. 13th's episode of Teen Titans entitled "Detetntion".

For those of you who don't know who Aqualad he's well... Aquaman's "little sidekick". The only thing is, in the comics Aqualad aka Garth, has GROWN and is now known to the world as "Tempest" and fights along the Teen Titans. But alas, the Teen Titans are no more int he comics and.. things have reassembled. -_-

This show should be highly interesting seeing as how Aquaman made an apparence on Superaman: The Animated Series, in "Fish Story."

Anyway, don't forget to watch this one!
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