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Halle Berry as Catwoman

Thanks to a bit of snooping i've done, I heh... actually got a bit of info on the upcoming Batman flick....

I'm sure, as a lot of you know know Halle Berry'll be in the catsuit this round, but she won't be playing Selina Kyle...... *grumbles in dissapointment* Oh well....

Anyway, This is the first picture of her in the suit so... Enjoy!

Halle in her Cat Suit

And thanks to Superherohype for the info. ;)
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Cell: *sees the photo* WOOOOOW!!! HOT DAMN!!

HotShot: *wolf whistles* She can climb up my tree ANYTIME!!!

yodana: *rolls eyes in disgust* BOYS...
*laughs a bit, just staarts to wonder*