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Important Announcement!

boy, this must be really important if I've decided to bring this place back out from the dead. I think I'm going to start using this community a bit more often to keep all of you guys informed on little things that NEED your immediate attention. I think we can all deal with that, can't we?

Anyway, back to the subject:

There receently has been a "glitch" going around the Neopets site partaining to the guilds. Some neopians would suddenly find themselves guildless and some guild owner's guilds were being deleted AND frozen (Maybe that explains my account being frozen?). The reason for this is because the Neopets Team is 1) most likely putting all of the guild stuff onto different serves or 2) that they're carrying out their deleting guilds because they're offering CONTESTS thing.

After speaking with a lot of members on the guild boards we've actually found out that that this is true on both accounts. We've all checked our sources and this is the major cause.

Now, I know that we don't have very many contests in our guild, and there's no way I'm going to do without them, but I have removed the word "contest" from our guild's main pages and website (and anywhere else that it may be found) JUST in case-- and to keep our guild safe.

So from here on out we will and MUST refer to guild contests or contests in general as "Specials".

Any SPECIALS that we will have from now on will be placed HERE on livejournal and on our monthly Guild Newsletter.

So if you guys don't have an account on Livejournal, I suggest you sign up, just so you guys will be able to reply to certain messages and other things of the sort. :)

So please, take caution when speaking of our fun activties, otherwise, we won't have a place to conduct them anymore.
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