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The JL Watchtower

The Clubhouse!

~*The Superfriends of Neopia*~
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This journal is specially intended for guild members of the Superfriends of Neopia guild-- A Justice League Guild!

You don't know who we are?? Well then, you've got quite a bit to learn, don't ya!?? Why don't you follow the link and check us out??

What's that you say--!? You think we're aweome and you wanna JOIN?? COOL! Click the link below!

Join the League!

And of course the rules:

* Be kind to your fellow Leaguer! We don't want anyone going away mad after all. :) I mean, don't YOU want to be treated with kindness? Just make sure you treat others here just as you'd want to be treated

* Try not to use swears words people, please? Ya know.. we've got to semi-keep the "kid friendly" thing going

* Please try not to post short annoying messages. If you do, you'll be warned once. And then dealt accordingly with afterward.

* If you're posting long messages or pictures of any sort. Please place them behind a LJ cut tag. NO EXCEPTIONS!

* If there's something you'd like to discuss and aren't sure of the content or the reaction my the members, please place it behind a cut tag and give us a bit of awarning of what lies ahead? It'll save a lot of headaches!

* Don't post topics that are designed to start up arguments. We don't need that here, thank you.

* Try to keep in mind that we may have children under the age of 12 here. SO Just try to keep topics acceptable for them.

* Are you leaving the guild? Don't discuss it here. It's more of a personal matter with leaving than a guild thing. *sniffles* We'll be sad to see you go, however!

* Please, no posts about selling your Neopets or your account on neopets. It's against Neopets' rules AND against ours. If we see this it will automatically deleted, and yur account, whichever you've posted will be reported.

Even if you aren't a member of our lovely guild, you still have posting acess. Just be sure to leave your Neopets username so we know who you are, okay?? Awesome! ^_^

Have fun kiddies!